Worlds largest cat-themed convention for cat lovers

Cats are very popular on the internet. That is undeniable fact. If you type the term “cat” into any gif generator or image search engine, you’ll be flooded with animated images and humorous memes about the gorgeous, fluffy critters. If your cat passion is on a whole new level, and you’re seeking for a way to share it with others, we’ve got exactly the location for you: CatCon, a once-in-a-lifetime cat-loving experience. In 2019, the event will be in its fifth year, with a two-day festival dedicated to all things feline. This isn’t a minor occurrence, either. CatCon attracts up to 18,000 attendees and attracts both human and feline celebrities. writes (source below):

Susan Michals, the founder of CatCon, recently spoke with Nerdist about the cat-tastic event. After the success of her Cat Art Show in 2015, the lifelong cat lover established the event in an attempt to honor the animal and avoid the negative connotations that come with cat ownership. “Fanaticism does not have to be a bad thing,” Michals said. “It just implies you’re enthusiastic.” I’ve tapped into a community of animal lovers that are devoted to their dogs to the point where it affects how they live their life.”

Here’s everything Michals taught us about CatCon and what to expect at this year’s event. Millennials are huge fans of cat-related content. Michals was heavily influenced by the millennial generation’s obsession with cats. As previously said, cats are always popular on the internet, and Michals predicted that this fervor will extend to marketing and events. “There was this untapped younger demo of cat lovers,” she added, noting that the first CatCon, held in 2015, drew roughly 12,000 people. Ninety percent of the 12,000 were millennials. It turns out that we’re not just buying avocado toast with our money; we’re also keeping the cat market afloat!

Cat “celebrities” travel long distances to attend.

The opportunity to meet famous cats and cat owners is one of the most exciting things for cat lovers. CatCon offers that possibility with their sponsored meet and greets, in which attendees pay to meet well-known internet cats, with the majority of the proceeds benefiting animal-related organizations and shelters. CatCon has already hosted cats such as Lil’ Bub, however Michals claims she prefers up-and-coming talent to big stars. She confesses, “We prefer to be the launching pad.”

This year, participants will get the opportunity to meet Instagram cats such as The Dark Lord, Pudge, Sukiicat, and many others. They can also get a photo with Angela Kinsey, who played the cat-obsessed Angela Martin on NBC’s The Office, who is one of TV’s most famous cat lovers. The proceeds from Angela’s picture sessions will benefit Milo’s Sanctuary.

CatCon isn’t a place where people bring their cats, but it is a place where you may adopt a cat.
CatCon attracts a lot of visitors, but most of them are two-legged. Outside cats are not permitted in the event, with the exception of celebrity cat guests. “Imagine if 16 to 18,000 people brought their animals as well,” Michals said. “There’d be catfights!” says the narrator.

But that doesn’t rule out the presence of real cats at CatCon. The Best Friends Animal Society, a renowned national animal welfare group dedicated to stopping the slaughter of dogs and cats in America’s shelters, will bring many cats and kittens of various ages to CatCon, where they will be available for adoption at the Adoption Village. CatCon has helped 504 cats find homes so far, and they intend to increase that number in 2019

Kitty Cosplay is a competition held at CatCon.

Have you ever fancied dressing up like your favorite feline? CatCon is on your side! The Furr-ocious Fashion Face-Off allows attendees to dress up and show their stuff in their best cat apparel. Only the most spectacular contestant has a chance to win. One memorable prior contestant, according to Michals, wore a jumpsuit covered with hundreds of cat plushies. “In 2016, he won the’most fierce,'” she said of the winner. The Furr-ocious Fashion Face-Off requires a lot of creativity. We’re excited to see what everyone comes up with this year!

CatCon is getting bigger

This year’s CatCon will undoubtedly be the largest in the event’s history. The event will also feature a new activation: Purradise City, a cat-centric pop-up experience with six connected locations with varied themes, great for your Instagram feed. Michals claims that the immersive “city” would “harken back to the mix of cats and pop culture.” Purradise City, where “the litter is clean and the cats are gorgeous,” as Michals teases, will contain rooms dedicated to “kitty kitsch,” funhouse mirrors, and a “infinity chamber” sponsored by Temptations cat treats that includes kitty treat packages and LED lights, is included in your CatCon ticket.

The ASPCA, Purina, Kat Von D Beauty, and others are among the CatCon sponsors this year, in addition to Temptations. Attendees will receive a plethora of free swag, get to meet their favorite internet kitties, and create memories that will last a lifetime. “This is a cat lover’s paradise,” Michals added. “It’s a cat-friendly Comic-Con.”

The Pasadena Convention Center will host CatCon 2019 on Saturday and Sunday, June 29 and 30. On the official CatCon website, you can learn more about the event and purchase tickets.


CATcentric Events that every cat lover should know about

There are an increasing number of conventions, camps, and expos.
Catastic products, cat advocates, adoptable cats, cat experts, and more can be found at these events.
As of right now, there isn’t one scheduled for Atlanta, but the following events are being held across the country and beyond in other cities. It’s worth following the event’s social media pages even if you’re unable to attend in person.

Catsbury Park Cat Convention

Catsbury Park Cat Convention is a celebration of all things feline; it’s a gathering place for cat lovers to meet educational and entertaining speakers, celebrities, and unique vendors, as well as meet the country’s most Instagram famous cats. Most importantly, it’s a place to evangelize cat adoption.
The Catsbury Park Cat Convention is the nation’s only 100 percent non-profit event of its kind, hosted and produced by Catsbury Park, a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue.

“Cats have an uncanny ability to bring people of all types together.
This is never clearer than at our convention.” – The founder

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, our sole mission is to raise funds and awareness for cat rescue, to expand our adoption efforts, and to spread the joy of cats throughout the world.

Profits from the Catsbury Park Cat Convention are donated to cat charities in their entirety.

Learn More

POP Cats Cat Convention

POP CatsTM is a family-friendly festival inspired by the spirit of cats, pop, and art! You’re going to love the cat playgrounds; the artists; the music; the photo ops; the artisans; the brands; the workshops; and the cat adoptions! Profits are donated to participant cat organizations.


@InstaCatMom is hosting a Cattitude Contest.
Put on your best cat-inspired attire and enter our contest for a chance to win a pawesome prize!

Selecting the PERFECT Sidekick!
What a surprise! Not always is a kitten the best option. Perhaps an adult cat and you are a match made in heaven. Determine which cat is the best fit for you.

Kindergarten Kitty
Discover how to socialize kittens using live kittens! The objective is to assist growing cats in developing into well-rounded adults through enjoyable hands-on training exercises.


@InstaCatMom is hosting a Cattitude Contest.
Put on your best cat-inspired attire and enter our contest for a chance to win a pawesome prize!

From Cat Advocacy to Cat Lover
Take inspiration from the stories shared by cat lovers about how their passion for cats led them to become cat advocates.

Introduction to Cat Photography
Written by Erica Danger
Take the camera, turn on the lights, and strike a pose! Discover how to take the most adorable photos of our adorable cat and how to become a paw-parazzi.

Learn More


“A Cat-Obsessed Fan Convention”

KittyCon Tampa Bay will return as the area’s first fan convention devoted exclusively to cat love and rescue.
This year’s theme is Meowy Catmas, and the Vendor Village at KittyCon Tampa Bay is the purrfect place to do your holiday shopping for kitties.
KittyCon 2019 has been expanded to two days and will take place in a larger venue.
Come out and rub elbows with other cat aficionados.
Wear a cat t-shirt or go all out in a Cat Costume.
Remember to bring your kitty ears!
Tickets are now on sale!!!
Proceeds benefit St. Francis Society Animal Rescue, the Tampa Bay area’s largest and oldest foster home-based animal rescue.


Denny Mitchell of Meowser Productions performs All About Cats.

People’s Cat Costume Contest

Santa Claws Pays a Special Visit
Using His Claws to Demonstrate His Paws

Learn More

Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp

In the beginning, Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Camp was just a weekend excursion devoted to learning about and celebrating a person’s affinity for cats.
With a summer camp-like setting, the event featured educational and entertaining speakers as well as arts and crafts with a cat theme and adoptable cats. There were also interactive workshops and more!
We moved Cat Camp to an online platform last year because of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19.
However, our goals haven’t changed.
At Cat Camp, we celebrate cats, connect with our community, and advocate for our feline friends. This has been the goal of Cat Camp from the beginning.

This online format will be used to bring you entertainment, activities and a cast of characters who share your love for cats at our upcoming Cat Camp Spring Forward on Saturday, April 10th.
If you’re interested in attending, please let us know.
Subscribe to our newsletter below to stay up to date on all of the latest news and information.

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Meow MeetUp

We can’t wait to share our passion for cats with all of you on this special day!
Meow MeetUp Chicago – the Midwest’s largest cat convention – offers a plethora of things to see, do, and eat!
We raised over $10,000 for animal shelters last year and gave away over 16,000 food cans to cats in need.
It was purr-fect because there was so much cuteness all in one place.
Saving A Pet, The Anti-cruelty Society and Windy Kitty Cat Café worked with Chicago Animal Care and Control to benefit Almost Home Foundation and Lil Bub’s Big Fund.

Join us for a day or a weekend of cat-themed fun.
Spend time with your cat and sip on catpuccinos in the cat café, practice yoga with your cat, or shop!
The purrty will continue at the Meow Mixer After Party on Caturday night.
Register for Kitty Bingo on Sunday, too!
Save the dates for the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, July 20-21, for tons of kitty fun!

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Snowcats Convention

“The Snowcats Cat Convention & Festival is a musical ode to all things art and cats. Snowcats, which debuted in 2018, drew over 5,000 cat lovers from across the Rocky Mountain region for two days of advocacy, adoption, and celebration

The cat-vention is a combination of enjoyable feline activities and presentations and information, such as veterinarian talks and vendor tables. Thus, what can you anticipate? Cat-tastic events include comedy, a cat rapper performance, and live entertainment. Additionally, workshops on senior cat health, indoor cat health, winter cat shelters, cat reiki, cat photography, the latest in adoption services, and how to become a catrepreneur are available.

Additionally, the event will feature on-site adoptions in the cat lounge, an interactive space where attendees can interact with a variety of adoptable cats while they search for their forever homes. Additionally, get your stretch and zen on at the Cats + Yoga event, where cats will stretch alongside you.

Additionally, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Black Cat Bar + Bistro. “We will have a cash/card bar stocked with Meowmosas and Pinot Meows for you to enjoy, as well as a variety of other signature drinks,” the event’s website states.


meowfest, hosted by meowbox, is a global celebration of cat lovers dedicated to raising funds for cat shelters and other non-profit animal organizations. meowfest is Canada’s largest cat festival, bringing together cat lovers to enjoy food trucks, photo opportunities, shopping, speakers, presentations, celebrity cats, adoptable cats, entertainment, and meet & greets—all in the name of a good cause!

Vancouver’s meowfest 2018
The inaugural meowfest took place at the Yaletown Roundhouse and assisted in the adoption of over 30 kittens on-site, raising over $10,000 for cats and kittens in need! While some humans shopped for cat-themed home decor, art, food, accessories, and toys, others received airbrush cattoos and facepaint, or took photos in our photobooths. A variety of food trucks sold vegan ice cream sandwiches, Mexican food, and craft mac and cheese. Kitten Lady, The Cat Photographer, Nala Cat, Luna Rose, Pudge, Klaus, and BenBen were among the featured artists.

Toronto’s meowfest 2019

Meowfest 2019, which was held at Evergreen Brickworks, raised $16,300 for shelter cats! These funds enabled vulnerable cats to receive the veterinary care they required and eventually find their forever homes. After perusing a vast array of vendors selling everything from feline-inspired jewelry to cat trees, guests congregated at the Drinking Fountain to sip on meowmosas and munch on vegan hot dogs. The crowd went wild for iAmMoshow, who took the stage by storm, as well as Kitten Lady, The Cat Photographer, Venus the Two Face Cat, The Dark Lord Nala Cat, Pudge, and Klaus & Juno.

2020 meowfest, Virtual Events
For the first time ever, meowfest will be held virtually in July 2020. We were so pleased with the response that we returned in November with a holiday edition! Attendees were able to participate in games, win prizes, watch tutorials, participate in workshops, and shop all from the comfort of their own homes! These online fundraising campaigns raised $14,055 for local animal welfare organizations.

Learn More

CatCon Worldwide

CatCon is the world’s largest cat-centric pop culture event, dedicated to all things feline, with a global community of cat lovers. CatCon, which is both an expo and a symposium, engages, educates, and entertains thousands of fans by showcasing the most innovative products and ideas for cats and their people. Since its inception in 2015, the annual two-day immersive experience has welcomed 78,000 visitors and been covered by over 1,000 outlets worldwide, including The New York Times, BuzzFeed, Reuters, Vanity Fair, and Glamour.

Over the last seven years, Ticket Out, Inc. (parent company of CatCon and Cat Art Show) has donated over $250,000 to FixNation, Lil BUB’s Big Fund, Kitten Rescue, Milo’s Sanctuary, Odd Cat Sanctuary, RedRover, TinyKittens, North Shore Animal League, and the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, as well as assisted nearly 700 cats in finding their forever homes through onsite groups Best Friends, spcaLA, and Pasadena Human

Our event for 2021 took place virtually in April. Ferndale Cat Shelter, Lil BUB’s Big FUND, Luxe Paws, Planned PEThood, and Red Rover are our 2021 charities.

Learn More

Cat conventions are a thing, and Denver had one.

While Paxton, the cat of KUNC’s Kyra Buckley, was not scheduled to attend the  the past Snowcats Cat Convention in Denver, internet sensations such as Lil’ Bub was hosting meet and greets.

If you’ve been looking for a way to meet other Colorado cat lovers, you should keep on eye out for more events like this.

The first Snowcats Cat Convention did take place at the Expo Center on a Saturday.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” said founder Brandon Zavala, who also owns the Apollo Peak company, which is known for its Pinot Meow “wine” for cats (note: not actual wine).

Zavala put up his own money to get the Snowcats convention off the ground, inspired by other cat conventions across the country. He claims that the response has been overwhelming, and that the event is already self-sustaining just a month after it was launched on the website. Following that, Zavala says he plans to focus on raising funds for cat-related nonprofits.

“In the end, I want this convention to be a massive adoption event,” Zavala says.

To get things started, the event will included a cat café with adoptable pets.

A slew of vendors and organizations did set up shops at the Expo Center, and the event did feature live music, a bar with cat-themed drinks like a “meow-mosa,” and meet-and-greets with feline celebrities like internet sensation Lil’ Bub.