The Cat People Are Present At The Snowcats Convention, And They Are Not ‘Crazy’

The internet has long been powered by cat content, but the Snowcats Cat Convention 2018 will bring that digital experience to the Exdo Event Center. (Tickets are available beginning at $15.) Begin with a Meowmosa at the bar, followed by a meet and greet with an Instagram celebrity such as Baloo (pictured) or a bid on a date with bachelor cat owners at the Cat-Chelor Auction. The event’s 40-plus vendors will donate a portion of their proceeds to a nonprofit of their choice, providing an additional reason for dog lovers to attend.

It’s finally here, cat lovers:

We’ve had a good laugh at their obstinacy and a good cry at their cuteness.
The “Sail” cat video has been played over and over again in our house.
It’s only for their amusement that we put up Christmas lights and other decorations this time of year.

And now, dear Colorado cat lovers, this weekend, the first Snowcats Cat Convention will be held in Denver, allowing us to celebrate our shared love of cats.

Snowcats, according to its creator Brandon Zavala, is “basically a convention for cat people.”
“Everything is cat-centric,” says the author.

The Cat Lovers Have Coming, And They Ain’t ‘Crazy’

Cat wine, cat rappers, and cat yoga are all available.

If this sounds like the “crazy” part of the crazy cat lady stereotype, some attendees at this weekend’s Snowcats Cat Convention in north Denver would vehemently disagree.

Cat enthusiasts and a few cats descended on the EXDO Event Center for the inaugural Snowcats Cat Convention.

Vendors, music, “catchelor” auctions, cat sweater contests, and celebrity cat appearances, including Lil BUB, were all part of the two-day event.

“I always tell people that if an alien race looked down on our planet and took in feedback or anything posted on social media, they would probably conclude that cats have some sort of superiority over humans,” Snowcats Cat Convention founder Brandon Zavala said.

The public adores iAmMoshow, a cat rapper, and I’m completely blown away by this photo.
December 8, 2018 — Alex Scoville (@AlexScoville)

Zavala is also the founder of Apollo Peak, a Colorado company that produces wine for cats. He added that the Denver feline scene still has a lot of room to grow.

“That is why I wanted to create a space for smaller vendors and businesses to come here and showcase their fun, strange, and unique ideas,” Zavala explained.

Zavala joked that part of the convention’s mission was to change people’s perceptions of “crazy cat people.”

“Not all cat people are what people consider to be crazy cat ladies, crazy cat men, or people who are insane enough to own ten cats,” he explained. “Some of these people who have ten to fifteen cats do so for a reason. They’re doing it to assist these animals in locating a home or ensuring that they have a home for the remainder of their lives.”

What else is coming?

A holiday cat sweater contest, “Body Pawsitive Cats and Yoga,” and a catchelor auction are all planned. Vendors will sell cat products, and there will be meet-and-greets with famous cats (Lil BUB and Baloo The Cat) (Snowcats will auction off men who love cats for dates).
MoShow (The Cat Rapper), Cat Man of West Oakland, and Nikkita Kitty, among others, will perform live.

An outdoor cat shelter-building workshop will be held by the famed Kitten Lady, known for her kitten advocacy.
Other educational events, like panels on holistic cat health and how to deal with cat urinary behavior issues, will be sprinkled throughout the show as well.

With the Denver Dumb Friends League, Feline Fix, and Cat Care Society all in attendance, Zavala says the convention doubles as an adoption event.
The Denver Cat Company on Tennyson Street will operate a cat cafe featuring adoptable cats, but the cafe’s tickets have already sold out.

Tickets have been purchased by 1,800 people so far, but Zavala expects that number to rise to around 3,000 by the end of the weekend.
And, yes, tickets for you and your cat are available.

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